How To Deal With Exam Stress

It’s THAT time of year. Exam season… I remember it like it was yesterday. (Because it basically was!) I finally graduated university this year, and the stress of exam season is all too familiar. Britt and I have read in our comments on both YouTube and social media, that quite a few of you asked for some advice on how to handle this stress. I decided to put together a list of things that helped me during this dreadful time, to make it a little more bearable.

1. Prioritize your time/Make a list!

This is easier said than done, but definitely a game changer. When you have what seems like a million and one things to do, it’s easy to forget things because it is all jumbled in your head. Write things down in a list in number of priority. The task that you're dreading the most, do that one first. Everything following that will be a breeze if that one lingering dreadful item is checked off of the never ending to do list.

2. Complete tasks rather than half doing everything

I am definitely guilty of this one! I’m such a puppy, (and by that I mean, getting distracted by any shiny object or finding entertainment with a white wall and a fly). I tend to bounce back and forth between tasks, half finishing everything, which means it still stays on that list because it isn’t fully complete. Completeing tasks fully, is something that will reduce stress!

3. Avoid social media

What does these even mean am I rite? Avoiding social media in 2018, seems like an impossible task. How am I going to know who’s watching my Instagram story immediately after I post it?! But TRUST ME, putting your phone aside for a few hours to focus on the assignment or exam notes will cut down your study time from 8 hours to 4. Every few hours, give yourself permission to check online but limit the time you spend on social media. Which leads me to my next point -

4. Take a break!

This is one that people often forget, especially when cramming in the night before #ProfessionalProcrastinator But it really is so important to allow yourself a break. Stay fueled with good food and snacks, and STAY HYDRATED. And finally –

5. Go easy on yourself!

Sometimes, exam season can make you too hard on yourself. It feels like the few weeks of exams will never end, but rermember, it is called exam SEASON for a reason. It is only a season and this too shall pass ;)

Hope this helps, and good luck to everyone!



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